BlurrieCon 2017 Artist / Dealer Waiting List Registration Instructions

You are about to register as a Artist or Dealer for the BlurrieCon 2017 Vendor Space Waiting List. This process has two steps. You will first need to fill out a form with your contact and vendor information. We will use this to build our vendor database. All highlighted fields must be completed.

Please use your Paypal name and email address when filling out this form. If for any reason you have to use a different name or email address, please include the name and email address from this form as a message with your Paypal payment. We will use these to verify each payment against our database.

After the form is complete, submit it by clicking the button at the bottom. You will not be charged any money at this time; this only sends your data. Once the form is processed, you will see a confirmation page with your information. Please check it for accuracy, and make any corrections by using your browser's Back button and resubmitting. Then save and print the form for your records.

Please do not make any payment at this time. After we have registered all artists, dealers, and vendors, our Vendor Coordinator will send out an e-mail to all accepted vendors with information and payment instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact the BlurrieCon chair or marketing team.

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