BlurrieCon 2017 Panel / Program Registration Instructions

You are about to register as a panelist, program presenter, or other content provider for BlurrieCon 2017!

Please give us a detailed description, and make sure you supply complete and accurate contact information. Our panel managers have to maintain close communication with panelists and programmers, in order to work out a fun, functional schedule, and without good contact information this becomes impossible. Let us know your preferred day and times. We cannot always guarantee these, because we have an entire schedule to fill, but we will do our best. Finally, if your panel needs any equipment, such as a screen, projector, computer, or specific software, or has any other special requirements or characteristics, we will need to know this as well.

Give very careful thought to what age group your panel is most appropriate for. Is it truly an all-ages panel or is it planned, or reasonably expected, to contain material suited for an audience of adults only? Improv comedy and role-play panels can often veer off into territory that isn't really suitable for children, so please keep this in mind when planning your panel's age rating.

If you have any questions, please email

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